Soggyacres Labrador Retrievers

Libby Pups…..

dsc_0048Sorry to all that I didnt have pics up right away…..Yes, you Chad…..

I had some stuff going on this a m . 

Dixie still hasnt popped.  Hopefully soon we will have another litter to post as well.


Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo

We are getting geared up for out last show of the season.  We are in booth 1008 and will have all of our gear.

Lucy and Rommel and I will be in attendance ofcourse.  I will have products, catalogs, and litter info for pups available now and in the future.

It should be a great show.  We are the only kennel there.  We will have the only dogs in the building.

Dew Claws Removed and Doing Great!


The pups had their dew claws removed yesterday at the vet.  We also had them checked for other issues and they seem to be doing well. 

Libby is a great mom……. she is really doding over her babies. 

Dixie Belle is due any day now as well.  Hopefully we can even out the black and chocolate ratio for everyone on our list.

Upcoming Litters from Soggy Dogs

Our current litters are pretty much booked.  We do have some availability on litters being bred in the next few months.

We are still taking one deposit on a male and two female deposits for our fox red litter with HRCH Waterdogs Rockhill Wizard MH and SHR Soggy Acres Josie Lee WC.  This litter will be bred in the next couple of months.

There are a couple of spots avaibable in our Candlewoods Little Trooper MH and SHR Soggy Acres Maddie Lou JH WC AWC.  We will have black and chocolate pups in this litter.  This litter will be bred in the next month or so.  We still have spots available for a black female, black male and chocolate male.

We have a chocolate litter being bred with UH HRCH Heidls Mallard Machine MH and Soggy Acres Sadie Belle.  This is the litter that produced 15 pups, including Lucy our seminar star.  We will be taking 12 deposits, 6 for each sex.  We just set up the litter and have all spots available.

Feel free to set up a visit to meet some of our dogs and view our facilities.  We will have pups here from now through mid may.

Dont miss out on your chance to get a Soggy Dog!

Libby and the Pups…..



Here is another great pic of Libbys pups.  They will go in to have their dew claws removed tomorrow.  We will also have them vet checked for any problems that arrose during birth.  They are all doing great!  There is one smallish chocolate female that needs a little help making sure she gets enough milk.

Fox River Church Sport Show

The Fox River Church Christian Sport Show is this weekend.  I will be there with Rommel and Lucy.  We will be doing our seminar one last time.  I will also be doing a demo with Rommel on a Triple Retrieve with a blind retrieve.  It should be a great show.  There is also a Chili cookoff and several other great seminars being put on.

All of the info for the sport show are on the blog.  Just scroll down to get the details.

Here is the outline for our seminar…….. Last chance to see Lucy and I put on our show!


Our seminar will start at 1000 am and run through 1030 ……we will do a demo with Rommel after the seminar.


Picking a Pup and the First Six Months




The purpose of the seminar will be to inform potential and current puppy owners how to first find a breeder, how to pick your pup, what to work on with you pup from take home to formal training.


  1. Finding a Breeder

·        Online Search

·        Clubs

·        Word of Mouth

·        Newspaper

·        Breed and Hunting Magazines


      2.    Interviewing potential Breeders 

·        Speak to potential breeders at length and discuss their breeding philosophy and programs.

·        Visit the kennel to ensure that they have a clean and professional facility. 

·        Ask for references from either pro trainers or from past clients.  If possible meet several of the dogs at the kennel.

·        Ask for and review a copy of the health guarantee

·        Talk to the breeder about the parents health clearances

-to include hips, eyes, and other genetic issues the breed carries


-Make sure that the puppy comes with a quality health guarantee.  There are numerous people selling pups with health guarantees or a guarantee that is essentially smoke and mirrors.  By that I mean that there appears to be a guarantee, but there is a clause that either doesn’t provide the full balance to be transferable to a future or pup or the pup with health problems has to be returned.  By asking that a pup be returned to enforce a guarantee its my opinion that the breeder is banking on the pup owner not returning their pet of several years, thus they do not have to replace the pup.  At a minimum the breeder should provide the purchase price of a pup to be applied to a pup of a future litter.  The client would also be allowed to keep the other pup, if desired.


-Finding a quality breeder you are comfortable with is far more important than timing.  Take your time and get a good pup with great genetics.  Make sure parents have clearances on hips and eyes.  Also realize that the purchase price of your pup will be one of the cheapest parts of the equation.  Don’t purchase a pup with price alone being the determining factor.



Question Period



  1. Picking Your Future Champion

·        If possible visit the litter on several occasions.  Pups are more active times from one time to another. 

·        Be sure to ask your breeder which pup would best fit your desired characteristics. 

·        The breeder is around the pup for seven weeks and should have a good idea about which pups are more dominant, social, adventurous etc.

·        If frozen birds or bird wings are not made available acquire some prior to visits and pick up. 

·        Take notes on which pups exhibit the traits you desire. 


-Prior to take home a new pup owner should have the basics: Crate, lead, collar, bowls for food and water, a quality food, puppy bumpers, 30’ check cord, whistle, lanyard, bird scent and bands, and a good book to reference.



Short question period



      3.   Training from take home to the beginning of formal training.

·        Now is one of the most critical periods in your pup’s life. 

·        House breaking is the first major hurdle. 

– Crate training as an aide

·        Teach the sit, here and heal commands. 

-I personally use food treats to elicit my desired response.  Once the pup is consistent I substitute praise for the reward.  It’s important not to put too much pressure on the pup at this point.  We are going to focus on using praise and make training fun.  Keep sessions short, about ten minutes, and try to do one or two per day. 

·        Start developing retrieving desire with “puppy retrieves”.  These retrieves should be short and emphasize making them fun.  Encourage delivery to hand.    Five to Ten retrieves per day is plenty for your pup. 

·        Work with your pup on a lead. 

·        Take your pup to different locations when working with them. 

·        If possible put them in a boat or blind.  Now is the time to begin to introduce the pup to environments they will be exposed to in hunting or competition.  If done now it won’t seem foreign once your formal training begins.

·        Now is also a good time to introduce the pup to the concept of gunfire. 

·        As often as possible have birds for the pup to work with.  Keep it under a controlled atmosphere.  Nothing keeps up a pup’s spirits more than birds.  I always have wings, frozen birds and try to have live birds for my pups at least once per month. 



Equipment Needed For this Period




Short Question Period

Libby and Rommel Had 10 Pups

Libby and Rommel had 10 healthy pups.  We now have 8 chocolate and two black pups on the ground.  We may have pups available, but have to wait until Dixie Belle has her litter in a week or so.  Unfortunately we lost our litter with Dixie Chic.

I will post some pics later today of the pups.  All are doing great!

We will start taking visitors in a couple of weeks.